Nordisk Mesterskap i Akro 2016

Dear aerobatic friends!

We hereby invite you to NORDIC AEROBATIC CHAMPIONSHIPS to Oripää, Finland in both power and glider aerobatics!
The dates of the contest are 3.-7.8.

The contest info and entry forms are available at

Would you please spread the word, on the first page you’ll find entry form!
From contest info you’ll find basicly all bulletin information about competition, airfield info, contest schedule, prices and all.

I am also hoping to get a judging teams from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Oripää, so please nominate one for me.

As we agreed in Maniac few years ago, the judges will pay the travel fees by themselves or their NAC covers the fee, and the organiser will of course cover the accommodation and all the meals for the judge and one assistant.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hope to see you all in Oripää!

Best regards,
Hanna Räihä
Chairman of Aerobatic Club of Finland.

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