Minutes of MANIAC 2013

Ocean Hotel, Kastrup, November 3
Present: Lis Arneberg, LG Arvidson, Morten Belstad, Søren Dolriis, Morten Hartvig Hansen, Ulrik Hasle, Pekka Havbrandt, Sanna Hedin, Kari Kemppi, Poul Erik Nielsen, Thore Thoresen

1. Greetings, sharing of news, and agenda
2. Feedback and lessons learned from N(G)AC 2013
3. Intro to important issues on CIVA agenda
4. Decisions on CIVA issues
5. Planning of 2014
6. Misc

Ad. 1:  Each country gave a status for the aerobatic activities in 2013. Finland, Norway and Sweden  seem to have been active with Nationals, judging courses and trainingcamps. Ulrik showed  pictures of their training weekend and National Championship with 23 power pilots.

Ad. 2:  The combined NAC and NGAC 2013 in Skive was a success, except that the glider pilots did  not fly so much. A lesson learned was that there has to be a designated Scoring Officer at  our NACs.

Ad. 3:  The proposals for PWR ADV and INT Knowns and GLD UNL and ADV Knowns were discussed.
Safety- and energy-wise proposals B and F for PWR ADV and A for PWR INT were the best.  For GLD UNL and ADV proposals A and B, respectively, were preferred.
LG informed that there were 180+ pages of rule proposals and he will suggest that an  alignment of the rules by restructuring Part 1 of the rule book.
EWAC 2014 will be in Slovakia around August 9. There will be Intermediate World  Championship in South Africa in November 2014. Glider UNL and ADV World Championship  will be held in July in Poland.

Ad. 4:  The following decisions are made for the CIVA meeting:
We will first vote for Proposal F and later if necessary for Proposal B in PWR ADV. Our votes  for the other Knowns will follow the above preferences.

Ad. 5:  NAC 2014 for PWR will be held in Sweden in the last week of August. NGAC 2014 for GLD will  be held during the «SM Veckan».
The Norwegian Nationals will be in the last week of June. The Finish Nationals will be July 23  – 27. Dates for the Swedish and Danish Nationals are not settled yet.

Ad. 6:  Five working groups/tasks have been established:
* Onboard camera streaming equipment  Background: On the day before NAC 2013 we tested  a transmitting system for a GoPro  camera and found the same difficulties that LG has seen on similar systems; a need for  transmitter antennas on both sides of the aircraft and interference between camera  electronics and transmitter. Furthermore LG said that a directional receiver that tracks the  aircraft improves the quality significantly.  Objective: To develop and purchase a cheap system that can be shared among the Nordic  countries for the national championships and for NAC and NGAC.  Members: Sanna, Ulrik, Morten, Kari

* NAC Rules  Background: Our local adoptions of the CIVA and IAC at the NACs to avoid the large  administrative burdens by following all rules have never been aligned and documented.  Objective: To agree on and document our local rules during our Nordic competitions based  on modifying and omitting some CIVA and IAC rules.  Members: Thore, LG, Søren, Kari, Pekka, Lis

* Fixed NAC Site  Background: The new idea is not new; to have NAC at the same airfield every year in Sweden  with the best facilities and the shortest maximum ferry distance.  Objective: To set up the criteria for this NAC site and assist in the selection of the NAC 2014  site in Sweden. The NAC 2014 will be used as a test of this site as a candidate for a fixed NAC  site.  Members: LG, Sanna, Morten B, Morten H

* Winter Workshop  Background: Finland have some good experiences with gathering pilots for different ground  training activities in the winter period (e.g. how to make your free program).   Objective: Somewhat unclear (please comment).  Members: Patrik, Morten H

*MANIAC mailing list  Background: There have been some miscommunications in the planning and invitation to  the MANIAC meeting.  Objective: Create a list of email addresses for the people relevant for the MANIAC forum.  Members: Morten H


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